Why Use Wordpress for Crypto Exchange

Why WordPress

This is a question that we get a lot so we decided to post a blog about why you should use WordPress for your Cryptocurrency Exchange.

While it’s true that WordPress can handle large amounts of traffic, it can also handle millions of users. The site wordpress.com is WordPress in action and there are literally millions of active users on that site. You’re not limited to the amount of users you can have. The issue then becomes hardware. You need to make sure your server can handle the users, not WordPress.

So we know WordPress can handle the users but what about the order book? When it comes to users buying and selling cryptocurrencies you need to make sure that the backend can handle it. This is why WPCryptoX uses a custom order book backend that runs separate from the main WP database. This means that user functions won’t interfere with buying and selling functions. Keeping them separate is the optimized way of doing things.

WordPress is basically used to control the user side of your cryptocurrency exchange using a custom order books function that runs parallel to the main user database.

Another reason we use WordPress is that WordPress is pretty secure. No other CMS system works as hard to deal with security than WordPress. While you could spend millions on building your own CMS system, the reality is that you would have to have a dedicated team ensuring the backend is safe and secure, WordPress already does that for you so why change it? Plus you have access to thousands of plugins to enhance your crypto exchange site.

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