WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin Features

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software 2.0 Features.

More features than any other Crypto Exchange Software including responsive design. It also includes free installation, free support and best of all, free upgrades!

User Registration
Custom User Registration.
Buy Crypto
Users can buy cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin. Additional currencies are also included.
Sell Crypto
Users can sell their cryptocurrency instantly.
Users can buy cryptocurrencies with PayPal.
Users can now buy cryptocurrencies with their credit/debit cards via Stripe.
Wire Transfer
Users can now buy cryptocurrencies via wire transfers from their bank.
Each user has their own automatically generated wallet for each currency.
Recurring Transactions
Users can setup recurring transactions that can be used to buy and sell bitcoin on a regular schedule.
User Reports
Users can create custom, scheduled and one-time reports of all their account history.
Transfer History
Users can see all of their transfer history.
Users login and see their dashboard to see what is happening on all their cryptocurrencies.
Profile Settings
Users can upload photos and text profile data about themselves including address and email.
User Preferences
Users can set their time zones and default currency as well as email alert notifications.
User Security
Users can setup 2FA as well as 3rd party applications for mobile devices.
User Accounts
Users can now see all accounts that are linked to their cryptocurrency account.
Users can see what their limits are that are set by the admin.
Custom Charts
Users can now view cryptocurrencies live in standard asset graphs including 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week, 1 Month, 1 Year and All.
Transfer In
Users can transfer into the system cryptocurrencies from other wallets.
Transfer Out
Users can transfer cryptocurrencies out of the exchange to external wallets.
Responsive Design
Users can view your cryptocurrency exchange with any device. The site will respond to desktop, mobile are tablet.

And much much more!

User Management
Control all the members of your exchange from one location including deleting, suspending and adding.
Activating Cryptos
Activate existing cryptos like BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH and others via the admin area. Toggle the ones you want.
Order Book API
Show that your site is busy by adding Order Book API from sites like CoinBase, Poloniex, HitBTC and others.
Payment Gateways
The exchange plugin includes PayPal, Stripe and Wire Transfer gateways for your members to buy cryptocurrency with.
Custom Fees
Control all the fees for transactions from the admin area. Set fees for different transaction types or keep it all free.
KYC/AML Integration
Included in the exchange plugin is the KYC/AML module. This allows you to confirm that the users that are registering have verified who they are.
Wallet Creation
For each user and each cryptocurrecy bought, traded or transferred, users can create digital wallets automatically.
2 Step Authentication
Included in the exchange plugin is 2 step authentication through mobile device and Google Authenticator App.
Custom Reports
Run custom reports on your whole system including accounting, transactions, storage, kyc/aml, geo, member and more.
Toggle on functions that you want/don't want like linking accounts, api access, currency, timezones and email notifications.
Front Page Activity
Optional shortcode to show system wide activity including symbol, trade price, last, change, volume, bid and ask.
Maintenance Mode
Shut down all trading and put site into maintenance mode.
Promo Codes
Offer promo codes to users and set the discounted fee about for promo.
Comment Box
Allow your members to chat with one another via the Comment Box. This can also be turned on/off based on your preference.
Markets Overview
Optional shortcode to show markets overview, spread, depth and activity.
Custom Confirmations
Set the number of confirmations required when cryptocurrency is transferred into the system.
Free Upgrades
Each package includes free upgrades. Whenever a new version comes out you get it free. There is no time limit on upgrades. Whether you purchase the package last week or 3 years ago, you will always get free upgrades.
Free Support
With each package there comes free support. Got a problem then let us know and we'll resolve it. Our 24/7 support staff can answer any support issue that you have and correct any issue that you have.
Free Installation
Each package includes free installation. Simply provide us with your hosting details and we can have your new crypto exchange site setup in about 30 minutes.