Here are just a few of the Frequently Asked Questions.

Is it opensource?

The WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin is 100% Open Source. There are NO encrypted files!

What are the requirements?

The WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin works with the latest version of WordPress. You will want to use a VPS or Dedicated Server for this plugin since it could be memory/processor intensive.

Is it a one time fee?

When you buy the WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin, you pay just once. There are no monthly fees or extra charges.

Can you customize it?

Yes, you can modify the exchange plugin if you want since it's opensource.

Do you offer free support & upgrades?

The Crypto Exchange Plugin comes with free upgrades and free support for as long as you are a customer.

Can you disable some features?

Yes, you can turn features off that you don’t want to use.

Is it responsive?

Yes, the WordPress Cryptocurrency Exchange Plugin is 100% Responsive.

Is it secure?

While nothing is ever 100% secure, we do go to great lengths to ensure that the code is secure and that all the multi-sig wallets are secure. Keeping good passwords on your system is also key. Be sure to ask us more about the security.