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If you’re stumbled upon this post searching for a reliable cryptocurrency exchange software solution then you’ve landed at the best place for that. Welcome to WPCryptoX, THE leading cryptocurrency exchange software solution company.

What we have designed is a professional cryptocurrency exchange plugin for WordPress. Why WordPress? Out of the box, WordPress is a high performance platform with powerful media management and high levels of security. Allowing you to also custom tailor what you need to do and let’s not discount the thousands of plugins you can install to enhance the WordPress core.

WordPress is scalable! With search, cacheing, content delivery, horizontal scalability and with the right infrastructure and resources, WordPress can be hugely scalable. It can serve hundreds of thousands of logged-in users at a time and deliver millions of daily page views.  It is flexible, upgradeable and ultimately can power all kinds of websites.

The cryptocurrency exchange software we have built is modeled after CoinBase. Why? Because it’s a great design. While we did model after CoinBase, it’s not exactly the same. The backend and core is different along with different styles. Because this is a WordPress plugin, you can use any WordPress Theme, effectively giving your cryptocurrency exchange site its own look and feel. Combine that with thousands of optional WordPress plugins and you’ll get your very own unique cryptocurrency exchange website where you can set the fees for cryptocurrency exchanges making you a lot of money. Everyone knows that cryptocurrency exchange sites like CoinBase, HitBTC all make huge amounts of money. Now’s the time for you to get into the cryptocurrency exchange business and make money!

Now let’s not spend a lot of time reading about cryptocurrencies, go ahead and test out the cryptocurrency exchange demo and check out the cryptocurrency exchange features and give it a spin. If you have questions then feel free to contact us.

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